Laying and Caring For Your Lawn Yourself


Note: Ensure that you have sufficient water  

To lay your lawn you require 15L per m², thereafter ±5L per m² per day for 2 weeks.


1) Preparing Your Terrain

Free your terrain of rubble, weeds, old lawn etc. Loosen your soil. If possible, try to place ±50mm of good quality top soil. Keep enough soil (preferably sandy without stone) for placing on top of your lawn i.e. ± ½m³ for 100m² of lawn.

2)   Laying Your Sods

Handle the sods as carefully as possible in order not to lose too much of the sod soil. When placing the sods, try to force/manoeuvre them down into the bottom soil. Position the sods firmly against each other. Due to Buffalo being a thick lawn, the sods are not always the same thickness, and therefore you might have to place a bit of extra soil by hand under certain spots.

3)   Adding Top Soil

Once your lawn has been layed, place / broadcast with a spade ±5mm of sandy covering soil on top of your lawn.

4)   Fertilizing

Broadcast ±40gram per m² of N2-P3-K2 fertilizer on top of the covering soil.

5)   Watering Your Lawn

Use a strong jet of water to force the top dressing with the fertilizer into your lawn. The water must penetrate through your sod into the soil below. Tramp / Stamp with your feet onto your wet lawn while watering. Depending on the weather, you would ideally want to keep your lawn wet for the first week. Therefore apply ±3mm of water twice a day for the first week and once a day for the second week.

*If you have a roller, roll your lawn the day after laying.

6)   Maintaining Your Lawn

Two weeks after laying your lawn, apply 4.1.1 fertiliser at approx. 20g per square meter and every 6 weeks thereafter from August till May. Apply 40g per square meter of 3.1.5 later during May in order to toughen your lawn against the oncoming cold weather.

PLEASE DO NOT MOW YOUR BUFFALO AND LM BEREA LAWN TOO OFTEN. Try to retain a height of at least 4cm.

And that’s that!!

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