We supply both directly to the public as well as wholesale to other lawn suppliers.

We lift all the lawn you need, ready for you to collect or we can deliver.


By special arrangement. Talk to us about your needs.

We might be able to help or may be able to put you into contact with an appropriate irrigation installer.


How far lawn can be delivered depends on the amount you order. If a small amount (less than 800 squares) needs to go to Cape Town (CT) or Port Elizabeth (PE), this will only be possible if a split load can be arranged. Call us to check our ability to fulfill your need at the time.

Besides the above, we generally deliver anywhere within the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Southern Cape and Karoo. From PE to CT and Beaufort-West.

Generally, the further we have to transport the lawn, the more the delivery cost will be. however, the amount of lawn that is delivered also plays a role in the cost of delivery. If you order a large amount, the cost will be less than if you order a hand full of pieces.


We can lay your new lawn for you, preparing the surface optimally and giving your lawn the attention it needs to recover from the move and flourish.

We are not like many of the other instant lawn suppliers around, we care about the quality of your lawn even after it has been laid and we have been paid. We want you to get the most out of your new lawn. We can educate you on how to best care for your lawn and can provide follow-up care. If in the area, we often check-up on lawn we have laid to make sure it is doing well.

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