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I must commend Eden Lawns for their great service!
My grass looks amazing and the guys know what they are doing!
Thank you! (3 December 2021)
Close-up of Buffalo/Kweek 50/50 Lawn Type
Braam Bezuidenhout
I received very good and friendly service from these people. After an initial misunderstanding, they were willing to do the preparation free of charge and still delivered excellent work. I am happy with the end result and will recommend them any time. (5 October 2021)
Close-up of Buffalo/Kweek 80/20 Lawn Type
JD Jordaan
We like to use “local” so it was great to find these guys are based so close to Rondevlei  (Wilderness, Western Cape). We had about 160 s.m. of turf laid. The stones and rocky ground had to be prepared by loosening badly compacted soil and adding loads of top soil. The work was completed within a day by a well organised team. I will hopefully be adding to this review in a few months time when the turf has become well established.
In the meantime, a very good job has been done. (28 July 2021)
Close-up of LM Beare Lawn Type
Richard Groves

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